Know your property's potential

Stand-alone Redevelopment

When a developer buys your property by itself

Sell-together Redevelopment

When a developer buys your property along with neighboring properties

Track your local landscape

Your property may have totally different values depending on what can be built there. CityBldr runs development scenarios based on the latest market data and zoning rules, so you can decide what’s best for you.


If zoning rules change, you property could instantly be worth more.

Neighbor Activity

If neighbors want to sell together, we let you know and help you coordinate.

Developer Interest

We work with major developers and can connect you to competitive offers.

Recent sale

CityBldr alerted this owner as we estimated their property value at $762K, 66% more than Redfin's estimate of $452K. A developer bought it for $753K and will build a 23-unit building on site.

Sell with neighbors

CityBldr helped seven owners connect to a developer who offered twice as much as their homes were worth.

Five neighbors connected on CityBldr and was offered a 84% premium on their properties.

CityBldr in the News

"Property owners... can now see that selling to a developer would bring in more money than selling the house on the market." Read More

"CityBldr... drew up plans for an apartment... on the plot of five houses... with a commercial... floor and three residential floors with 150 units." Read More

What about commercial or industrial property?

CityBldr is working with some of the world's largest real estate investors and corporations to redevelop commercial properties.

For homeowners

Seize the opportunity to sell for more

“It’s like oh my god, that’s twice, almost twice what we were willing to settle for”

Andy Freeman
Shoreline (Sell-together Redevelopment)