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The CityBldr Estimate helps you discover what a builder or developer would pay for your property.

Leveraging the knowledge of over 500 developers combined with dozens of disparate data sources the CityBldr Estimate helps you discover how to get the most for your property.

Why CityBldr?

Highest and Best Use

CityBldr's proprietary technology shows you the most valuable use of your property.

The best price

When you're ready, CityBldr will promote your property to over 500 interested builders & developers, helping you realize the best price.

Get Smart, Stay Smart

Potential upzone? We'll notify you of any changes that influence the value of your property.

Sell when you want

Move fast or take it slow. We'll educate you on all your options when selling to a developer.

Recent Sale

- Competitor online valuations said $475,000

- CityBldr's instant online valuation said $762,000

CityBldr sold for $750,000

Over 60% increase in value

1109 N. 92nd St. Seattle, WA 98103

business23 Dwelling Units
3,760 Sq. Ft

CityBldr in the News

Because of this unprecedented change in housing demand, developers and builders are scouring cities for urban infill development sites, changing the valuations of those properties.Read More

Fearing a NIMBY backlash, Jane Cutter hesitated to reach out to neighbors so left that to CityBldr. "I call what they were doing community organizing," said Cutter, a Shoreline homeowner.Read More

Featured Listing

CityBldr helped 7 different homeowners near the new 145th St light rail station discover their homes were worth over twice as much to a developer

115% over market value
homeCurrently 7 Single Family Residences
businessPotential for 240 New Units
59,520 Sq. Ft

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