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Locate local to global non-profit organizations who have identified a need to use the CityBldr platform.

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Your sponsorship equips non-profits with the same real estate technology used by some of the largest companies in the world.

This saves organizations with real estate requirements precious time and money.

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Whether it’s access to housing, healthcare, youth services, or any other community need, non-profits fill a vital role in our communities.

Your sponsorship enables these organizations to grow their impact..

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Affordable Housing

Starting in 2020, CityBldr began collaborating with researchers and faculty at Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley to explore opportunities to leverage the CityBldr platform to create affordable housing at scale.

Harvard University
Terner Center for Housing Innovation - UC Berkeley
MIT - Center for Real Estate


For homeowners

Seize the opportunity to sell for more

“It’s like oh my god, that’s twice, almost twice what we were willing to settle for”

Andy Freeman
Shoreline (Sell-together Redevelopment)